Welcome to whitespace news, We are a talented team who have gained a wealth of experience from work backgrounds ranging from London design houses to local storage specialists, internationally renowned manufacturers to top technical designers.

This page will feature news items and stories about our company and our team.


LED Sky Panels

LED SKY CEILINGS provide us with a crystal-clear image in an ultra-thin LED panel for a competitive price. The product is a visually attractive alternative to the usual dull white ceiling tiles we find in commercial buildings or office interiors.




Some of the benefits of choosing an LED SKY CEILING include:
  • An improved mood from use of light that mimics natural light.
  • Alleviation of anxiety and stress due to the sense of outdoors.
  • Catching the attention of visitors with a unique design feature.




By simulating daylight with the right LED panels and using realistic, high-resolution pictures, you will feel as if you are outside under a blue sky. The colour hue of the LED panels match with that of real daylight to give the impression of looking through a window.




With the standard formats 60x60, 120x60 and 120x120, the ultra-thin LED panels are very easy to implement in a suspended ceiling. The standard cloud image can be swapped with a picture of your own or another of LED SKY’s crystal clear pictures.




The standard panels are made for the suspended ceiling and provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution, making it possible to install over one lunch break! If you feel this would be an exciting addition to your premises, get in touch. Call us on 028 9045 2864 or drop us an email at info@whitespaceni.com.

Coffee and Print Docks

Whitespace provide Spacestor’s clever design solutions for your refreshment and printing areas in the workplace. They allow for the most efficient use of space and provide an aesthetically pleasing arrangement which can include amenities such as built in appliances and storage. 


Coffeeprintdock6x360 Coffeeprintdock2x360


Attract and retain top talent with quality refreshment facilities. A hot-spot for those disruptive chance encounters or simply a work area in itself. Spacestor’s modular refreshment points with customisable facades make it easy to provide a cutting-edge look without the cost and inflexibility of bespoke joinery.


Coffeeprintdock3x360 Coffeeprintdock7x360


  • Cutting-edge customisable designs for high-impact refreshment areas
  • Integrates with leading beverage technology manufacturers including app-controlled coffee taps
  • Easily accommodate water, waste, power and data in plinth and wall cavities with removable face panels
  • Simpler and more future-proof than bespoke joinery, more customisable and more durable than kitchen units
  • Tried and tested factory-prepared construction with 7 year guarantee


Recycling and Printer Points

Coffeeprintdock8x360 Coffeeprintdock10x360


Designer, customisable, recycling and printing stations for all workplace waste management, recycling and print station needs. Clean design and robust construction using easily cleanable surfaces mean Spacestor waste stations can be situated anywhere – turning a back of house utility area into a central social hub.


Coffeeprintdock9x360 Coffeeprintdock11x360


  • Simplifies and encourages responsible recycling with easy waste compartmentation and attractive signage
  • Easy maintenance with ultra-durable composite, laminate or MFC surfaces – including anti-bacterial surface options
  • Complete office waste solution – includes range of bins, sack holders, hooks, trays
  • Lockable sections for hazardous or confidential waste
  • Integrates with all Smartwall products for uniform look and future reconfigurations
  • Stays looking good in naturally high traffic area with robust construction and 7 year guarantee


If you are interested in these products please don't hesitate to give us a call on 028 9045 2864 or drop us an email at info@whitespaceni.com. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and products, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, making it truly one of the most important design hubs in the world. To celebrate this rich and diverse community, Clerkenwell Design Week has created a showcase of leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events, exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area. CDW this year took place from 23rd – 25th May. It was jam packed with lots of exciting new product launches, talks with popular design enthusiasts and interesting workshops.


The product launches included the following:


Manta by Boss Design


"Ideal for foyers and welcome areas, Manta subtly harmonises handcrafted luxury with a contemporary edge. Featuring a two-seater sofa with matching armchair, this new collection is designed to offer a compact and informal seating solution for corporate receptions and breakout areas, in addition to hotel lobbies."


Palisades Range by Spacestor




"Palisades Grid is a customisable modular zone divider with a mid-century modernism style, giving flexibility to today's more transitory workforce. Open plan or individual spaces? It’s not that simple.


Top talent needs both. In addition, today’s workforce has become more transitory. Teams grow and shrink according to demand and so modern workplaces are having to become complex, multi-functional environments which provide the right mix of private and shared space in ever changing proportions. Palisades offers the solution with a customisable modular zone divider. Available in wood or metal grid style this product allows simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighbourhoods using dividers, not walls."


Luxury Vinyl Tiles by Interface




"After creating countless styles of modular carpet, we’re proud to welcome luxury vinyl tile to our product catalog. Our first LVT Collection, Level Set™, is inspired by earthy elements like wood and stone, and is the perfect fit for our modular carpet. No transition strips required – just beautiful, easy-care flooring from edge to edge, with no worry about doubling up on flooring materials.


Combine your existing carpet and new LVT styles with glue-free TacTiles® for a unique space of varied textures and designs.  Not only is it simple, it emits virtually zero VOCs and allows for an environmental footprint over 90% lower than floors with traditional glue adhesives."


Additions to Ilk Range by Frovi


Ilktwoseaterx360 Ilktiltx360


The Ilk range expanded, introducing the Ilk Tilt and the Ilk Two Seater. THe Ilk range is a contemporary, fairly new, design with a choice of frame styles and an extensive range of fabrics with the option of two-tone and contrast stitching.


If you are interested in these products please don't hesitate to give us a call on 02890452864 or drop us an email at info@whitespaceni.com. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and products, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Greenery Announced as Colour of the Year 2017

The Pantone Colour Institute™ chose Greenery (code 15-0343) as the signature colour of 2017. By considering the effects the colour green has on our performance, it is a perfect scheme to surround ourselves with.




Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, was interviewed by the New York Times about the choice of Greenery as the 2017 representative colour. Here are a selection of quotes from her...


“Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent.”


“It speaks to what we call the ‘re-words’ – regenerate, refresh, revitalise, renew.”


Pedrali Going Green

The activity of Italian furniture design company Pedrali shows solidarity with the current colour trends, considering their spectacular new automated warehouse. Pedrali are considerate of the environment in all their design endeavours which is very important to us at Whitespace. If the 'Greenery' trend inspires you, a selection of Pedrali seating ranges are available in green allowing us to encourage the regeneration, revitalisation and renewal of your space!


These ranges include…


Ara Lounge, Nolita and Intrigo (Ideal for Outdoors)

Aralounge1x345w218hNolitax345w218h Intrigox345w218h

Gliss, Ice & Blitz

Glissx345w218hIcex345w218h Blitzx345w218h


Feel free to stop by and try out our samples in the showroom! If you are interested in these products please don't hesitate to give us a call on 02890452864 or drop us an email at info@whitespaceni.com. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and products, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

MAX Furniture #HUSH Phone Booth

Hush Phone Booth1x345


More and more employers are expressing the desire to find acoustic solutions that would allow their staff to work in peace and to be more efficient. A predetermined area in an open plan office for phone calls and video conferencing is becoming a popular element of the work environment. It is comfortable and gives your workforce the privacy they need, not to mention it reduces the need to totally rearrange an office due to the adaptable nature of the product.


Phonebooth3x345 Phonebooth4x345


They are extremely versatile pieces that can be bespoke and totally unique. They are customisable in the sense that you can choose between a range of fabric colours, and you can personalise other details if you like! It is an option to design stickers for the side of the booth itself, or graphics for the glass door which can help the fluidity of your office design. You are also provided with a ventilation panel, a folding shelf for a laptop, and the booths are compact and lightweight enough to repositioned if needed. 


Hush Phone Booth2x345 Hush Phone Booth3x345
View a PDF with more information on the #HUSH Phone Booth by clicking here.


If you are interested in these products please don't hesitate to give us a call on 02890452864 or drop us an email at info@whitespaceni.com. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and products, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Cellpod Installation

We recently completed the design and installation of a CellPod in Craigavon Area Hospital to provide them with a "Health and Wellbeing Hub". This was an exciting project for us as this Pod is one of the first of its kind to be installed in Northern Ireland! We designed the entire structure including the glass graphics, the shape of the Pod itself and the choice of furniture included inside. Please find some information on the Allermuir CellPod below:


Hublaunch1x270 Hublaunch2x270


Allermuir CellPods provide an excellent alternative when creating privacy and collaboration spaces within work environments. They are designed as freestanding units and feature a structural framework with a demountable panel system so they are simple to install and reconfigure as needs change within an organisation.


Hublaunch3x270 Hublaunch4x270 


Pre-engineered aluminium components have been designed in such a way to create unique environments for the office or workspace. A standardised panel interface allows thousands of design permutations using materials such as glass, fabrics, acrylic, pre-printed graphics. This means Allermuir CellPod is a truly demountable and reusable modular system designed to adapt to a changing environment.


Pod3x345 Pod4x345 


The pods are available in a variety of sizes and specifications, providing solutions for individuals to work in privacy and isolation through to a selection of meeting room environments supplied both with and without acoustic ceilings and doors, with appropriate lighting and ventilation options.




Benefits in brief:


  • No fixing to floors or walls. No timber frames, no plaster board, no painting, plastering, nor onsite glazing.
  • Pre-engineered and pre-manufactured in the factory - on site build becomes on site fitting.
  • No waste, no disruption, no on site cutting nor the need to co-ordinate different trades
  • No dilapidations – with no disturbance or damage to your building, the need to reinstate or make good any alterations is negated.



View a PDF with more information on Cell Pods by clicking here 


The Whitespace Team Has Grown Once Again

Meet Rachael and Matt



"I am currently on the placement year of my course in Interior Design at University of Ulster. In my time at university I have learned a huge amount about many aspects of the design process. Typically, each project consists of a site survey, designing the space, refining the design to suit the client’s needs and creating a final idea. All the while the process must be documented and using Computer Aided Design programs I can provide visuals the client can appreciate. My course has taught me the technical side while my time in retail has provided me with the skills necessary to effectively work with others.

I have started in Whitespace Design Consultancy as a Design Marketing Executive meaning I will be responsible for updating the various social media accounts and helping finalise documents that will be presented to clients. It’s an exciting opportunity to further refine my skills in CAD and learn more about the inner workings of the industry. I look forward to being a part of the Whitespace team and working towards improving work and hospitality environments for others."


"My main responsibility at Whitespace is to generate new business through building and maintaining relationships. This can involve networking, site surveys, customer visits, providing information on the latest products and preparing proposals for clients, architects, and contractors. I find the best part about my job is the potential for taking part in an exciting new project. From the first meeting to the final fit out, I love to go on that journey with the client and watch the initial design unfold into their perfect work environment. Some of the fit-out projects I have been involved in would be classed as some of the biggest in Northern Ireland and perhaps even Europe.


My interests outside of work are motorcycling and motorcycle racing. I enjoy competing in the Irish Championship, which takes me travelling across Ireland. When it’s time to relax, I spend some quality time with my girlfriend, friends and family, and my mad pup Ollie. I enjoy keeping active as well as socialising by going out for good meals or a nice glass of red wine. I am also a member of UT Belfast Church. Investing time in my community is of paramount importance to me and I think this shows in my attitude towards my work and my ability to form strong business relationships with suppliers and clients alike."

new year new showroom

Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 1 


Whitespace are pleased to announce our new showroom area has been completed and we plan to host an opening in the new year. We now have a great space to show off the latest café, hospitality and office furniture products. There are too many new products to list but we have highlighted a few of our favourite below, please click on any of the images to view them larger.
If you would like to visit our new showroom please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

Pedrali Arki Table

Whitespace Showroom Pedrali Arki Table Furniture Belfast Web 2 Whitespace Showroom Pedrali Arki Table Furniture Belfast Web 1


Senator Orb Desk

Whitespace Showroom Senator Orb Desk Furniture Belfast Web 1 Whitespace Showroom Senator Orb Desk Furniture Belfast Web 2


Famiglia Chairs & Sunda Tables

Whitespace Showroom Famiglia Chair And Sunda Table Furniture Belfast Web 2 Whitespace Showroom Famiglia Chair And Sunda Table Furniture Belfast Web 1


Senator Lockers

Whitespace Showroom Senator Lockers Furniture Belfast Web 1 Whitespace Showroom Senator Lockers Furniture Belfast Web 2

Trinetic photography competition

Whitespace Trinetic Boss Design Task Chair Belfast Titanic Trinetic


Trinetic photography competition

Trinetic is the very stylish new task chair from Boss Design, Whitespace were selected for a photography competition where we submitted 3 photos of the new chair. We choose iconic Northern Irish scenes at the Titanic Quarter, in front of Titanic Belfast, Harland and Wolff cranes and even some pictures with a DeLorean!
Click on any of the our final images to view them larger and if you would like to see the chair please make an appointment to come to our showroom.


Whitespace Trinetic Boss Design Task Chair Belfast Trinetic Is The Future Whitespace Trinetic Boss Design Task Chair Belfast Trinetic Ahead 

lyndon design the tables edit



Unveiling 'The Tables Edit' by Lyndon Design

This exciting brochure features new products to the portfolio and extensions to existing ranges including the Arthur coffee table and the Agent bistro table, and there is a lot of never before seen photography. View and download the interactive brochure here.


Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon 120 Web Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon 120 Web 2


Classic, sophisticated and stylish. 120 demonstrates Lyndon Design’s expertise in handcrafting timber materials, whilst providing an exquisite finish with its bronze glass top.


Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon Pause And Wait Web Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon Pause And Wait Web


A duo designed for areas of rest. Sit back, relax, pause and wait. A collection perfect for any environment, breakout spaces or reception areas, there is nothing rushed about these tables


Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon Luge Web Whitespace Cafe Furniture Belfast Lyndon Luge Web 2


One of the timeless additions to the Lyndon portfolio, the coffee table is stylish and elegant. Comb joints and bevelled edge detailing on the frame completes the stunning effect.


If you would like to talk to Whitespace about cafe furniture please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

Ridgeway’s new depot in Ashbourne

Ridgeway’S New Depot In Ashbourne 2


Ridgeway’s new depot in Ashbourne

Whitespace were very happy to help Ridgeway with the overall design, supply and fit out of a mezzanine floor and glazed shop front at their new depot in Ashbourne in Co. Meath, which has now opened its doors to the public. The branch was officially opened by Fine Gael TD for Meath East and Government Chief Whip, Minister Regina Doherty. Stephen Kane, managing director commented “We are excited about the developments in the company and the location provides us with strong commuting links to Dublin and the surrounding areas. Even at a time of economic uncertainty, we want to send the strong message of our ability to trade locally and nationally and tell people throughout Ireland that we are open for business.”


Ridgeway’S New Depot In Ashbourne 3 Ridgeway’S New Depot In Ashbourne 4 
If you would like to talk to Whitespace about a mezzanine floor please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

The team at Whitespace has expanded… meet cher!


As an experienced Interior Designer in the field since 2001, I have spent a lot of time in clients' homes, on building sites, in restaurants and hotels designing inspirational spaces. Project managing from initial concept to fit out, I have followed each project to the end to ensure complete client satisfaction. Whilst having focussed mainly on the residential side of the market, I have had the challenging task of designing and managing the fit out on several hotel spaces and restaurants across the UK and Ireland.


The move to Whitespace Design as Business Development Manager is an exciting time for me. My role here is to identify and create new opportunities for the business within the hospitality, commercial and healthcare sectors, whilst still designing the spaces and ensuring each client’s brief is delivered with Whitespace’s impeccable standard. I will be networking and building relationships with new and established clients so if you have not yet had a call, you will do soon!

alternative to the under desk pedestal

There is no such thing as a paperless office and we can’t avoid the fact that some personal belongings will need to be stored in the work place. The most obvious solution to this problem is to put an under desk pedestal under each employee’s desk for their storage needs. While the humble under desk is perfectly functional there are many more storage alternatives, Whitespace have highlighted a few below…


Chemistry Personal Space

Alternative To Under Desk Pedestal Whitespace Desk End Lockers Personal Storage Unit 1aAlternative To Under Desk Pedestal Whitespace Desk End Lockers Personal Storage Unit 2 

Featuring a pair of heavy duty full extension drawer runners (150kg loading), certified to BS4875 - 80,000 closures.
Multiple storage compartments, including:

  • Accessory Tool Rail

  • Moulded Pen Tray

  • Stationery storage drawers

  • Dual portholes for cable access

  • Soft close as standard

  • Lockable as standard


Personal Storage Unit with upholstered seat pad

Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 1 
The Senator Personal Storage Unit is part of a range of innovative and practical storage solutions incorporating a variety of options to suit all needs. There is a cushioned top for impromptu meetings, Seat pads can be manufactured in any of the 60 colours offered in the Camira Xtreme Plus fabric range.


Desk End Lockers

Senator’s range of desk end lockers are available in a wide range of finishes which blend in seamlessly to the adjacent desks. They can also be specified at desk height giving you extra worktop space.


Storage wall

Storage wall offers the scope to create efficient storage systems in any office environment. Functional, efficient and adaptable, it grows with your business. Specified at the start of a new build or during an office refurbishment. Additional modules can be bolted on to the system, creating organic growth and adaptation for your office environment as you need it.


If you would like to talk to Whitespace about office storage please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

Spacestor HotLocker Range

Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 1 Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 3


Smaller workspaces, shared desks and the decreasing trend of commuting to work by car means that staff increasingly need their own personal storage space – somewhere to keep their work-related items when not in use, their gym bags or their cycling helmets, and so on.


A locker is nothing new. But a flexible, modular, secure personal storage system with designer appeal means you can now proudly display your lockers where they are most needed – in the middle of the workplace!.
  • Tough, dent-free and long lasting

  • Full height options for room division

  • Options to suit all budgets



Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 1 Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 3

HotLocker Agile

Agile is an electronic locker that combines the latest access control technology with practicality and prestige, making it a smart investment for industry leaders. Save space and money by sharing one locker to multiple staff, with virtually no admin costs.


Lockers are allocated on an individual needs basis for maximum efficiency. Using a programmable key card, intuitive green/red light system and a central self-service terminal, staff are able to find and use lockers easily.


  • Integration with existing access control

  • Full digital audit trail

  • Wired locks for continuous security

  • Tamper-proof alarm

  • Fully complementary to Spacestor systems



If you would like to talk to Whitespace about lockers please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

Whitespace Super Cup ni 2016 sponsorship

Whitespace Super Cup Ni 2016 Sponsorship 5


Whitespace would like to congratulate our sponsored team County Down Juniors for a great week of football. It was quite an achievement beating RangersFC Youth to get into the final and unfortunate to lose the final on penalties to Co Armagh. Please see results from all of the matches below.


Whitespace Super Cup Ni 2016 Sponsorship 4 


Partick Thistle 1 v 3 Co Down
Co Down 2 v 1 Club NI
Co Down 1 v 1 Southampton


Co Down 1 v 0 Rangers


Co Armagh 1 v 1 Co Down
Game finished on penalties - Co Armagh 9 v 8 Co Down


Whitespace Super Cup Ni 2016 Sponsorship 6  



Whitespace are extremely proud of the, hard work, dedication and passion the County Down SuperCup NI Junior Team showed in the Super Cup tournament. Congratulations and we hope to see you next year in the Premier Team!

new wheels at whitespace

Ron Hogg Whitespace Interface flooring Skateboard x


Ron was lucky enough to win carpet manufacturer Interface's competition for a Bureo Minnow skateboard! The Minnow is 30 square feet of recycled fishing net that otherwise may have found its way into the tons of plastic that litter our oceans.


Interface flooring is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile and is setting the pace for development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment.


Along with Ron’s skateboard Peter Moneypenny brought an exciting new range of carpet tiles called World Woven™ Collection. As the name suggests, the World Woven Collection is influenced by textures from around the globe. The designs are inspired by classic woollen textiles, such as tweeds, and come in six Skinny Planks and three square ranges.



World Woven Collection 1 World Woven Collection 2 World Woven Collection 3



Please click on any of the images above to see a larger version and if you would like to talk to Whitespace about commercial carpet tiles please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.


Mod Café Colourline

1 Mod Cafe Colourline 2 Mod Cafe Colourline 3 Mod Cafe Colourline 1 Mod Cafe Colourline4 5 Mod Cafe Colourline 6 Mod Cafe Colourline 7 Mod Cafe Colourline

Scottish Sett Colourline

1 Scottish Sett Colourline 2 Scottish Sett Colourline 3 Scottish Sett Colourline 4 Scottish Sett Colourline 5 Scottish Sett Colourline 6 Scottish Sett Colourline 7 Scottish Sett Colourline

i-workchair the art of movement

i-Workchair from Senator ergonomic office chair top 2


The new i-Workchair from Senator has been ergonomically designed to support micro movements we make as we sit. Sitting is not actually a natural thing for the body to be doing. As a species humans are not designed to sit down or maintain a static posture for prolonged periods.


Unlike most task chairs, i-Workchair allows the user to flex an additional 8 degrees backwards as well as supporting a level of sideways and rotational actions that facilitates good spinal health as we sit and work.
i-Workchair utilizes a multi-layered approach combining a technical weave fabric that sandwiches a 3D perforated foam core. This optimizes user comfort while allowing excess heat to vent away from the back muscles, discouraging fatigue. The arms of the seat can be the key to supporting the entire upper body, but given the diversity in users, most chair arms fail to respond well and often become obstructions.


If you would like to talk to Whitespace about office chairs please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

orb a different kind of desk... all round

Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace top


Why are desks rectangular, when much of human culture in terms of shape and form is round? After decades of rectilinear workstations, it’s time for a solution that allows instant ad-hoc team configuration and accommodates all applications.


Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops. Orb’s design provides the optimal workspace where it is needed, retiring the regimented rectilinear formation.


Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 1 Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 3


Orb permits a natural fluidity to the workspace allowing gentle crescents to be created through the simple interlocking of workstations. The tops are available either as a 1600mm full circle starter desk or can be specified with a ‘bite’, allowing the workstations to toggle onto each other to create a more fluid organic layout that is fundamentally of more visual interest.


Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 4 Orb circular worktops round desks Belfast Whitespace 5
Orb has been designed to cause minimum impact on the environment, being 99% recyclable and containing over 65% of recycled materials. Orb also supports the environmental case for reducing overall lux levels in the office offering user controlled lighting.


If you would like to talk to Whitespace about circular desks please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

huddle shed a genuine talking point

Frovi-Huddle Shed-Soft-Seating-collection-Whitepace-furniture-Belfast


Frovi-Huddle Shed-Soft-Seating-collection-Whitepace-furniture-Belfast 4

Huddle Shed a genuine talking point

Ron and Fiona went to Clerkenwell Design Week to find something a bit different in office furniture but they could never have predicted what they found at Frovi. It’s not every day you see a shed in a furniture showroom, so the new office pod from called Huddle Shed, is a genuine talking point. Don’t be fooled by its rustic design, Huddle Shed uses commercial-grade materials for practicality and is available in the fully clad Rustic design or entirely upholstered. This gives it highly effective acoustic properties for noise cancellation. The Media model includes monitor mount and integrated power and data with optional LED lighting available for the roof.

Meet and chat in style, comfort and privacy

Huddle Cave is a quick, easy way to create a 'meeting room' in open-plan spaces. Available in four or six seater 'cave' for private huddle meetings and complete with Cutline-style table top. The Huddle range comes with deep-foamed seats and backs for extra comfort upholstered in an extensive choice of fabrics, with two-tone option for added impact. The media model includes monitor mount and integrated power supply.
Frovi-Huddle Shed-Soft-Seating-collection-Whitepace-furniture-Belfast 5

If you would like to talk to us about office pods please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com

A playful solution to regulate sounds

BuzziFalls-acoustic panel large


BuzziFalls-acoustic panel 2

A playful solution to regulate sounds

To divide a space and create some privacy, these new acoustic panels available from Whitespace are made out of felt with cut out shapes in various patterns, for example like falling leaves or geometric designs. A playful solution to regulate sounds and create smaller areas in big spaces.

Bring the skyline into your daily life

Why stick to New York or Chicago when there are so many other beautiful skylines in the world? Pinpoint the Eiffel Tower in the Paris skyline or spot Big Ben staring out over London’s most striking contours. Also in the mix is San Francisco’s impressive skyline, which can be cut out of the sound regulating felt to give a lift to every space.

BuzziFalls-acoustic panel


BuzziFalls-acoustic panel 3

Acoustic panels that slide with ease

Running on a single three-meter track, panels slide from left to right. To create the effect of sliding doors, install two layers of parallel tracks for the rails. These acoustic panels can be attached directly to the surface of the track rail or suspended to reveal either a black or white rail.

irregular pentagons new nest collection

Frovi Nest Soft Seating collection Whitepace furniture Belfast


The unique shapes in the new Nest collection from Frovi offers many interesting, practical configurations. There is an extensive range of fabrics with options of two-tone and a deep-foamed seat for extra comfort. Frames are available in chrome or RAL colours with a matching table available. 


Frovi-Nest-Soft-Seating-collection-Whitepace-furniture-Belfast 2


If you would like to talk to Whitespace about hospitality furniture please call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com.

Business Development Manager

Whitespace (2)


the design led office interiors company is expanding.


We would like to recruit a Business Development Manager to develop relationships with our existing client database and to go out and bring us exciting new projects with new clients.  The role will include introducing whitespace and our product portfolio to architects, designers, and specifiers in NI and the ROI, and maybe even farther afield…  Ultimately you will be generating new business, supported by a talented team, to facilitate the company’s ambitious growth plans.


The ideal candidate will have a proven successful sales background, preferably gained within the office interiors, design, or construction industry.  This is a sales role where a creative flair, a bent towards interior design, would be ideal.  If you are a hardworking people person, ambitious, educated to degree level / have previously worked in the industry then email your CV with a covering letter which outlines how you meet our criteria to info@whitespaceni.com  You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and have a full UK driving licence.


Package: Attractive salary + bonus + car
Closing date: June 30th 2016

things at allermuir have been quiet

Allermuir Baudot Zero Wall Baudot Strings acoustic panels 2


The Baudot Range


This year at Clerkenwell Design Week Allermuir launched Baudot, a new range of products designed to help tackle acoustic distraction in working environments.


Named after the Baudot code, the predecessor to the Morse code, the Baudot series has been developed with the trend for open plan and industrial style office interiors in mind. Available in a variety of playful and sculptural forms with different applications, these products can be used to divide space or be mounted on existing walls, help define and enhance various settings whilst enabling people to carry out their activities to their full potential.


Allermuir Baudot Zero Wall Baudot Strings acoustic panels 4

Baudot Zero Wall

A domed wall mounted shape to improve acoustics without losing floor space. Available in a combination of three sizes and 21 colours, Baudot Wall diffuses noise by both absorbing and deflecting sound, while adding visual interest to walls.

Baudot Zero

The double-sided domed acoustic panel is the most adaptable and visually striking product within the Baudot range. With height adjustability and a dense concrete base with a small footprint, the Baudot Zero modules can be reconfigured to adapt to changing environments and activities.

Allermuir Baudot Zero Wall Baudot Strings acoustic panels
Allermuir Baudot Zero Wall Baudot Strings acoustic panels 3

Baudot Strings

Baudot Strings provides an attractive alternative solution to screening whilst noticeably improving the acoustics within a space. Constructed from extruded aluminium poles surrounded by foam and fabric, Strings provide an excellent surface to absorb and diffuse sound waves. With 21 fabric colours and various heights available, interior designers can create an arrangement to fit in any environment.



say hello to synergy

Say hello to Synergy Camira Fabrics top



A soft handle wool blend fabric, featuring exquisite fibre dyed shades and sumptuous piece dyed solids. It all comes together to provide Camira's largest colour offering of 75 intelligent shades.


Camira Fabrics have partnered with Just A Drop, the international water aid charity, and for every metre of fabric we sell, we will make a donation to a specific project around the world, helping to provide clean and safe water to those in need.


Read more about the new Synergy fabric on Camira's website: www.camirafabrics.com/fabrics-and-samples/synergy



View a full brochure of Synergy by clicking here, if you would like more information simply call us on 028 9045 2864 or send an email to info@whitespaceni.com


the next generation of task seating

Trinetic task chair boss design office furniture 1


Trinetic task chair boss design office furniture 6


As the world's first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic support without the need for manual user adjustments, Trinetic represents the next generation of task seating.
Trinetic provides tangible circulatory and musculoskeletal benefits by being designed to actively and intuitively support the thousands of micro-movements that we all make across every hour of every day.
Three independent pivot points combine with a flexible seat and backrest to cradle the user in an ergonomically-sound position without the need for manual intervention.
Trinetic is designed to support, rather than resist the user.


The perfect answer for seating in flexible, agile work environments where the same chair may be used by multiple people throughout the week. Trinetic delivers for the needs of individuals and organisations. Trinetic can be specified in a choice of frame, mesh and fabric colours, in addition to several base options.


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one range infinite possibilities

Myriad soft seating The Range


The Range


With the increasing need for your furniture to be flexible, Myriad allows you to create a comfortable meeting area, private huddle space or a stunning island. The opportunities are truly infinite with this versatile range.
Myriad is a diverse selection of upholstered modular furniture, completely flexible and reconfigurable. The range is made up of eleven linkable seating units, three privacy screens, side tables and arms that accommodate power.


You become the designer with Myriad, arranging modules to create any shape you desire. And, if you need help, our team is always on hand with suggestions to style your space.


Myriad soft seating huddle-section


We all know that that two heads are better than one. When people come together to communicate and collaborate the best ideas are generated.


Islands are great for people on the go. In a new era of mobile working touchdown connectivity is key. Myriad’s integrated power modules truly support the work anywhere philosophy.

Myriad soft seating islands-section


Myriad soft seating chain-section


Make the most of your environment with a Myriad chain. Modules can be mixed, linked and easily moved around, offering you infinite possibilities for your dynamic and collaborative workspace.

Myriad soft seating extras


You can easily mix and match Myriad with products from across the Boss portfolio. Here are some of our favourites. And, if you need help, our team is always on hand with suggestions to style your space.



mezzanine floors from whitespace...

Mezzanine floor warehouse storage solution Northern Ireland Belfast Whitespace design 2 Mezzanine floor warehouse storage solution Northern Ireland Belfast Whitespace design 3


Whitespace design and install mezzanine floors to suit a wide selection of uses.  We advise on the best floor for your business, and look after the entire supply and installation from design, building control, to full fire proofing if required. All our floors are bespoke, designed to suit the available space and loading capacity required.  Three examples of typical use are:



A mezzanine floor can easily increase the retail or storage space with the minimum of disruption and can be installed within only a few days.


High quality, tailored office mezzanine floors maximise and enhance working space and storage. Why invest time and money on additional premises when the cubic volume of an existing building can be expanded with a mezzanine floor?


Light Industrial 
A light industrial mezzanine floor enables businesses to combine warehousing space with light manufacturing, picking & packing or assembly line operations – as well as expand storage areas. This fit-for-purpose structural steel platform can accommodate heavy loads – both static and moving, and is available in a range of finishes.



For more information about our mezzanine floors, please contact Ron or Fiona on 028 9045 2864 or visit our mezzanine floor webpage.