At the end of last year Whitespace handed over the final phase of a 180 linear metre roller bed, carton live system for Sangers Distribution. The picking and distribution system was designed and installed by Whitespace and manufactured by Link International to work in conjunction with their new automated conveyor system.

Sangers Pharma Wholesale offers a twice daily delivery to retail and hospital pharmacies across the province. Delivering to every pharmacy in Northern Ireland this frequently along with a 24/7 emergency call out service 365 days a year, meant that Sangers needed to extend their Marshalls Road warehouse and introduce the very latest technology to ensure efficient high speed and high volume picking to meet customers' ever growing demands.

Whitespace were able to provide Sangers with the best solution in terms of both value for money and product design. The carton live system was designed and developed after several meetings with Sanger's to meet their product requirements and also with Austrian automated specialists, Knapp, to ensure trouble free integration with their conveyors. The end result was that the fully functioning installation was completely smoothly and on time so that 80,000 items a day can be delivered by Sangers to pharmacies throughout Northern Ireland.