We knew this project was going to be different from the minute we met with our client Judith Totten from working capital provider Upstream, in Belfast. Straight away this was going to be an adventure; a major departure from the standard workplace. The brief Judith set was “I don’t want my office to look like a bank, it should be fun, vibrant and an exciting place to come to work”.

Upstream positive working capital, formally Keys Commercial Finance was expanding, moving premises and rebranding all at the same time. In addition to Judith, Whitespace worked with Ian Bennington of Part Two to take the new brand, which at the time was top secret and awaiting its launch, into the interior of the new premises in Linenhall Street Belfast.

The Upstream brand is vibrant, radical; and our office design had to reflect the vibrant energy Judith had injected into Upstream’s corporate ethos.

You will notice straight away colour has a major impact throughout the scheme. From the moment you step into the reception to the break-out and meeting areas, you will see all is open and transparent and that there are no formal directors’ offices.

We also wanted the design to retain as many of the building’s original features as possible, including the cast iron columns running throughout the middle of the space, the curved fire escape staircase walls and the large full height windows.

Judith’s excitement for colour and her endless enthusiasm was contagious as you will see with the breaking with tradition “100% half full” ethos, informal client meeting tables and the use of soft and cosy seating for the staff to gather, enjoy a coffee, and meet their clients with minimal barriers.

Whitespace introduced some new and exciting products for the first time in Belfast and enjoyed refreshing freedom to create what we believe is a stunning new home for Upstream to grow and go from strength to strength.

Enjoy your new space…