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A variant on standard adjustable beam racking,
Link 51 XL Double-deep pallet racking,
as the name implies, allows pallets to be stored
two deep but still accessible from the same aisle.
By reducing the number of access aisles
and using the space saved to accommodate
additional racking, a Double-deep configuration
provides a highly space-efficient storage system.
Although the speed of access to all of the
pallet positions is restricted, with an efficient
stock management system this can easily
be compensated for to take advantage of
the benefits of more storage space.

narrow aisle

By allowing fork lift trucks to operate in aisles
of up to half the width required in conventional
adjustable beam pallet racking,
Link 51’s Narrow aisle XL racking makes
excellent use of floor space and maximises
the height at which goods can be stacked.
Using specialised lift trucks in either
‘man-down’ or ‘man-up’ variants,
narrow aisle racking is precision designed for
safe, efficient load handling within the tight
confines of these space-efficient aisles.
Fitted with guidance rails or wires at
floor level, trucks are precisely guided
into position, thereby improving safety,
whilst minimising the incidence of accidental
damage to racking and improving the speed
and accuracy of load handling.


Using minimal space for access aisles and lanes,
Link 51’s Drive-in racking provides a high-density and very
space-efficient bulk storage system.
With the first pallet into a lane being the last out,
stock selectivity is restricted, but when loads are delivered
and dispatched in batches, this is not a difficulty.
Pallets are stored on runners in the depth of the racking and
trucks enter to deposit or retrieve loads.
For maximum utilisation of both cubic and floor space
by providing pallet storage at up to 11 metres,
Link 51’s Drive-in system has unsurpassed structural
strength and stability, with single-section uprights and rails
and double bolt rail fixing into each upright.


Effectively utilising floor and cubic space,
Link 51’s dynamic Push-back racking is
amongst the most space and time-efficient
pallet storage systems available.
Pallets are loaded in sequence onto wheeled
carts or rollers and are pushed back
along inclined beds.
Pallets can be stored up to ten deep and
when a load is retrieved the remaining pallets
roll forward into position at the picking face.
Selectivity is ‘first-in, last-out’ and with each
product having a dedicated lane,
dynamic Push-back racking is particularly
useful in marshalling areas, and for
bulk storage and handling.

live storage

Pallets are loaded onto dedicated lanes of
inclined gravity rollers which are set at a
fixed gradient. When a load is taken from
the picking face, the next pallet rolls into
position, with replenishment stock loaded
at the opposite (upper) end of the lane.
Pallet movement is regulated by brakes
and speed controllers fitted within
the roller tracks.
Working on a first-in, first-out basis,
Dynamic Live storage racking provides
extremely high levels of storage density
in a given area, and provides automatic
stock rotation, with the minimum of
fork lift truck movements required to
handle the flow of goods.